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We are ZOTAC, a global manufacturer of innovation, performance, and technology.

ZOTAC derives its name from the words "zone," for being distinct in the PC components and systems industry, and "tact,” for our superior skill, expertise, quality, and manufacturing capabilities.

With "PUSH THE LIMIT" as our motto, we are determined to redefine the standard of graphics cards, Mini PCs, and accessories to break into new realms and connect people with fast-moving technologies and experiences such as eSports and VR gaming.

At ZOTAC, we strive to create the latest technological products that epitomize form, utility, and style. We truly care about the experiences we create with our products and will always remain dedicated to rigorous standards and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Since our establishment in 2006 under the umbrella of PC Partner (HSI: 1263), we have put innovation at the forefront of our philosophy, and have dedicated a lot of energy to developing new technologies in order to enrich user experience.

As the First and Original Mini PC maker, we are dedicated to making the ZBOX ever more powerful and versatile, from the palm sized ZBOX nano to the extreme smart phone-sized ZBOX pico, following the first gaming and VR-ready Mini PC and the world's premier VR backpack.

We have also amplified our graphics card line-up with the growth of our technological capabilities, packing more performance per inch into the card and achieving record-breaking results.

From a humble graphics card manufacturer, we have expanded our reach into a full range of Mini PCs and even eSports. We are always listening to user needs and always looking to improve ourselves and break into new realms of computing and PC gaming.

From the Original Mini PC that incorporates the functions of a full desktop, to the wearable VR backpack that surges the virtual reality computing wave, we have stepped ahead of the game and created the perfect fit for industrial, business and personal uses.

Plus, we are keeping the accelerator fully pressed on the R&D to bring more gadgets and expand our range of products for users.

ZOTAC GAMING is the pioneering movement that comes forth from the core of the ZOTAC brand for a sole mission - to create the ultimate hardware for enthusiasts like you who live to game in only the highest caliber in performance.

Founded in 2017, ZOTAC GAMING represents over a decade of precision performance. We utilize the essence of our engineering prowess and design expertise to establish ZOTAC GAMING, which promises to be a born and leading force with the goal to deliver the absolute best PC gaming experience available today.


KM Disti is the official distributor of the ZOTAC company in Ukraine, and provides for partners such services as supply of products and solutions (both from local warehouses and delivery under the order with transparent terms and conditions for partners), assistance in the preparation of technical specifications and price offers, etc.


Ссылка https://www.zotac.com/