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Shenzhen Jiteng Network Technology Co., Ltd was established in August 2020. We specialize in the design, development, and sale of computers. From its inception to today, we have been working hard to develop high-performance computing products. Through continuous innovation, we have brought cutting-edge products with technological appeal to consumers worldwide.

As of October 2022, our Shenzhen headquarters has over 200 employees and 3,000 square meters of office space. Additionally, GEEKOM (the private label brand of Shenzhen Jiteng Network Technology Co., Ltd) is now a top brand in the mini PC market.

With the continuous development of our company, we have established a sales center, brand center, and R&D center. These centers will further strengthen our design, R&D, and marketing capabilities while we expand into new business areas. By providing reliable products and professional after-sales services, we create brands that consumers around the world trust and establish a reputation in the industry as the preferred choice of our customers.